Safety Rules

for your safety, here are the rules to follow:

If you enjoy visiting our private lands, it is probably because we maintain controlled access and encourage safe and orderly behaviour at all times. Every visitor must log in and out at our checkpoints! For your protection, regular pass checks are conducted by our staff and security personnel – you must cooperate with our staff at all times. Please be advised that Provincial regulations apply on Acadian Timber’s Forest Land and all provincial & federal hunting, fishing and recreational vehicle regulations must be respected.

Fire Safety
*Wildfires should be reported to Saint Quentin Checkpoint by calling 235-3528

Fire prevention is absolutely essential. In order to protect our woodlands property, we may prohibit access or ask you to leave our timberlands during periods of high fire hazard.

  • Fires are permitted ONLY in designated areas using the steel fire rings provided.
  • Please ensure that fires are completely extinguished before you leave the site
  • Please dispose of cigarettes, cigars and other hazardous materials responsibly - never throw them into the forest.
  • Use dead and down trees for firewood at designated locations - never cut living trees.
  • Please burn firewood and paper only. Do not burn plastic and garbage.
  • Use common sense and be diligent in your fire prevention efforts.

Safe Driving Rules 

Several serious vehicle accidents occur each year on wood roads and many of them have the potential to be fatal. The majority of these accidents are caused by unsafe acts. We are determined to eliminate vehicle accidents by strictly enforcing Transportation Regulations and Company Policies. Your cooperation is essential. Employees, contractors, recreational users and visitors are required to practice defensive driving skills. if you take pleasure in driving on our woods roads, please follow these rules. They might save someone’s life, maybe even yours.

  • Drive slowly & carefully. Speed radar checks are conducted regularly. 
  • Do not exceed posted speed limits. Where no signs exist, maximum speeds are:
  • 80 km/hr: Primary Roads
  • 60 km/hr: Secondary Roads  
  • 30 km/hr: Operating Roads
  • Reduce speed according to road conditions (dusty, slippery, visibility, etc.) 
  • Reduce speed when approaching oncoming vehicles. 
  • Be prepared to stop at all times, be prepared for unexpected hazards. 
  • Do not tailgate, especially in dusty conditions. 
  • Stay on the right side of the roadway. Do not drive in the centre of the road and do not stop in middle of road for any reason. If you must stop, pull off the traveled surface of the road as far as possible. 
  • Watch for logging trucks. Yield the right of way to oncoming trucks and allow them to pass. 
  • Avoid stopping on primary haul roads and NEVER STOP ON BRIDGES. 
  • Come to a complete STOP at Stop signs. 
  • Do not block any side roads. Even seemingly unused roads may be needed in an emergency. 
  • Always travel with headlights and taillights on. 
  • The use of seat belts is mandatory at all times. 
  • Report hazardous conditions, unsafe acts or a wildfire* to Acadian supervision or the nearest checkpoint. 
  • Exercise extreme caution when passing forestry equipment working at roadside. Keep back 30 metres and do not pass until the following three things have occurred: 
  • Machine has moved to side of road; 
  • Boom/attachment has been lowered to ground; and 
  • Operator has given you signal to advance, and proceed with caution. 
  • Never drink and drive (open alcohol is not permitted in vehicles). 
  • Never hunt in areas that have “No hunting” signs.  

Guns must be in a case when in restricted areas