Note: All regulations are subject to change

  • No live bait fish are allowed in any Acadian Timber waters;
  • Clean ALL Gear to help protect our native species! Invasive species are plants or animals that are not native to our area. When they are introduced to a new landscape that may not have natural controls they spread and crowd out native plants and animals. They are considered a serious and significant threat to biodiversity. Please prevent the movement of invasive species by checking and removing all matter from gear that have touched the water, clean all gear items by soaking and scrubbing for at least one minute, and if cleaning is not practical, dry items completely and leave for at least 48 hours before using in other waters.  


All lakes are closed to fishing without a signed lease agreement except for open and reserved lakes

Open Lakes:
Green River Area: First Lake, Third Lake, Twin Lakes
Tobique Area: Sisson Lake, Trousers Lake, Mud Lake Branch

  • Provincial regulations apply
  • Reservation not required
  • Forest Access Pass required
  • No additional fees
  • No bait fish allowed

Reserved Lakes:

  • Limiting # of angler—days through a reservation system;
  • Applying conservation regulations which limit the number and size of trout allowed per angler, and type of fishing gear allowed.
  • Only electric motors are allowed—gasoline engines are not permitted.
Category Lake Reservation Required Fee (HST included) Maximum Anglers Maximum # Trout/ Angler Minimum Trout Size
FAMILY LAKE (FREE OF CHARGE) Riley Lake Yes Free 4 2 8"
FEE Applies Gulquac Lake Yes $31/person/day 2 parties Provincial limit Provincial limit
FEE Applies Britt Brook Lake Yes $31/person/day 2 parties Provincial limit Provincial limit
  • Reservations are required for the Reserved Lakes. Please call 506-356-4100 ext. 2401 during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) to book your times. You may leave a voice mail message if you are calling outside business hours. (No reservations will be honored except for reservations that are made through our Plaster Rock Woodlands Office).
  • Reservations for these lakes will be taken on a first come first serve basis. 
  • For our Family Lake, a family must be composed of at least one child under the age of 15. Reservations are a maximum of 1 family/day/year. 
  • For Gulquac Lake there are no age restrictions.


  • Lakes are available for 10 year leases. Please contact Chris Stacey at 506-356-4100 ext: 4105 for more information!
  • Current Leased Lakes: Long, Mud, Square, Neary, Beaver, Island, Rocky, Round Pond, Virgin Pond, Lizzard Pond & Trout  

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