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Acadian Timber Corp. (TSX: ADN) is a leading supplier of primary forest products in Eastern Canada and the Northeastern U.S. With a total of approximately 2.4 million acres of land under management, Acadian is one of the largest timberland operators in New Brunswick and Maine.

Acadian owns and manages approximately 1.1 million acres of freehold timberlands in New Brunswick and Maine, and provides timber services relating to approximately 1.3 million acres of Crown licensed timberlands in New Brunswick. Acadian’s products include softwood and hardwood sawlogs, pulpwood and biomass by-products, sold to approximately 85 regional customers.

* Percentage of log sales by value for the year ended December 31, 2019.

Acadian sells a wide variety of products to a broad group of customers. Acadian’s greatest exposure is to softwood sawlogs; however, markets for hardwood sawlogs, hardwood and softwood pulpwood, and biomass diversify our sales.

Acadian’s business strategy is to maximize cash fl ows from its existing timberland assets while growing its business by acquiring assets on a value basis and utilizing its operations-oriented approach to drive improved performance.

The Corp.'s shares are listed for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ADN.

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